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October 05, 2005

Bought roll bar and seats

Drove through an amazing thunder storm last night to pick up the roll bar and seats. The rollbar is like a BK one except that it just bolts to the rear struts and bottom seat belt points. It has hardware to also bolt it to the floor.

The seats are Sparco Evo 3s, they are maybe 3/8 inch too wide for me but I'm going to buy one of those Sparco bolster kits to sort that. The seats have all the sliding hardware and a submarine belt mount.

It cost me 950 in total for everything, rollbar, two Evo 3 seats, sliding seat mount kits and he threw in the harnesses (4 year old 5 pt Sparco nylon ones) but I'm going to buy a set of 6 pt polyester harnesses from JimB at Apex anyway (500 bucks). It's a deal. The advice here is ask at the local PCA if anyone is selling their kit or in Panorama.

So, it's looking nice. I'll get it installed over the winter. My buddy and me were thinking of putting Michelin Pilot Cup tires on next season but I'm not going to now. Various instructors have said it'd be a mistake as they would just mask the many problems with my driving as they'd have a lot more grip so I'd get away with it (for a while anyway...). So, no cups for me.

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