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September 24, 2005

Getting used seats and cage.


I found a local PCA racer who is getting out of racing. Bruce from Maplewood put me on to him. He has a Porsche GT3 roll over cage (meets PCA racing standards) that can be mounted in the car without drilling and Sparco EVO 3 seats with the mounting hardware. I got a good deal on them so I'm going with those. It's a lot cheaper than buying everything new. Everything new was going to be 5.5k which is more than I thought it was going to be to tell the truth.

I'm now getting the rollcage and the seats with mounting hardware for 950. The seats are 3/4 inch wider that the ones I had ordered but it's like 3/8 inch on each side so it's not a lot. My dealer said he can install it all for 400 bucks. He has 5 pt harnesses also but given he crashed with the car, I'm not sure reusing his belts is a good idea or not so I may still buy my own belts but even so, thats like 600 bucks for top quality ones new so I'd still have gotten all the hardware for 1550 which is about the price of just the seats alone, still a deal.

Now that I've a little extra cash, I'm probably also going to order a set of sway bars from the racer group. It comes with drop links etc and is just a bolt in with no alignment needed. It costs 1050 plus shipping. That should eliminate a lot of roll. My next mod is probably lowering springs which will drop the car around an inch without compromising ride quality much.

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