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September 14, 2005

Bad lifters may be the problem


The dealers says it's a bad lifter(s) in the engine. They say the lifter is sticking and this is causing the misfire. They want to replace the lifters in the engine now. This is going to cost around 2k to 3k labor included. The problem now is getting my extended warranty to pay but the dealer is optimistic.

I checked around on the web and found the following for BMW engines:

Binding HVA (hydraulic valve adjuster) element.

An HVA element which is binding (element stuck in the extended position) will not allow a valve (intake or exhaust) to seat properly causing valve seat leakage.

This type of HVA failure may not cause a tapping / rattling noise but the customer complaint may be: "engine runs rough during the warm up phase and runs good when warmed up" and/or the "Check Engine" lamp is on.

If the "Check Engine" lamp is illuminated due to a binding HVA element(s) one or more misfire fault codes may be set in the Engine Control Module (ECM/DME).

Note: Basic troubleshooting should be performed first before checking for a binding HVA element to
eliminate all other possible factors / components which could set the misfire faults such as low fuel level, a faulty spark plug, etc.

This pretty much describes exactly whats happening to me so I think the dealer is probably right. They are saying 10 days now.

Someone else said that an oil flush might do the trick also. I asked the dealer if they had considered this but no answer yet.

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My 98 996 has just started doing the same thing after being laid up in the garage for the winter.

It is sometimes very lumpy at tickover but revs fine when driving. The engine warning light came on and started to flash also (don't know what this means). Did you have the lifters changed in the end? What was the cost?



Posted by: Andy | Apr 23, 2006 8:25:44 AM

I have an 2000 986 that starts fine and runs fine when cold. After heating to about 160 degrees, the car runs rough, coughs, spits and the check engine light will come on, go off, start to flash, stay lighted and repeat one or more of these sequences. This engine is a Porsche factory rebuilt engine with less than one hour running time.

Posted by: John | May 12, 2006 9:28:54 AM

4500! Not cheap and it didn't fix the problem but it's a lot less frequent now.

Posted by: Billy | May 13, 2006 8:46:45 AM

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