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September 25, 2005

Advice on what suspension upgrades to do first...

I spoke with Paul from the racers group and here is what he recommends:

  1. Upgrade the sway bar. They sell one for 1050 front and rear. This will flatten the car through bends and can be installed pretty easily. Noone will notice this upgrade when the car is being driven normally. You don't need to align the car after this. TRG supply everything in their kit including modified drop links to connect the suspension to the sway bar.
  2. Upgrade the springs to H & R springs. These will lower the car by around an inch and this will improve the handling and braking also but because they are progressive springs, he says people won't notice this at all under normal conditions so they don't impact the ride on normal driving. You need to align the car after this.
  3. Use coilovers. You'll notice this upgrade, the ride will be a lot stiffer, stiffer than most people are comfortable with. My wife complains the ride on my stock car is stiff, these would probably scare the death out of her. You'd be throwing away the springs if you did option 2 already. These are expensive. The Bilstein ones are around 2400, H&R are a little cheaper and they also offer an RSS club sport version which is very stiff. Then, there are the expensive ones like Moton etc which start around 6k plus installation. These are basically track only suspension.

Vivid racing seem to offer very good prices on suspension (the H&R RSS are around 2100 with them) but I haven't dealt with them personally.

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