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August 18, 2005

Update: Michelin Pilot Sport 2s

At the DE event, they were great. They worked as well as can be expected in the rain on the track and the car felt good to me when it was dry. There were instructors with cars like mine running on Bridgestone SO2s who were wishing they had PS/2s on.

One said, the PS2 is pretty close to the Pilot CUP whilst remaining drivable in the wet.

Noise wise, they are ok, I hear a ringing on concrete highways but it's fine and I was comfortable during the 5 hour drive back from MAM on Sunday. I don't remember noise being an issue at all.

Wearwise, they look fine. Of course, the DE wore them a little but there is still plenty of thread left.

Weatherwise, I haven't had any issues with them either.

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