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August 18, 2005

Tekron: A Porsches best friend

So, I picked up the car with a bottle of chevron tekron fuel injector/chamber/valve cleaner and put it in the car. After about 40 miles at 4/5k rpm, I tried knocking the car around with some second/third gear 100% accelerations, one 2/3/4 effort but not maxing in 4th :) and some triangle throttle inputs in 2nd and no CEL so the cleaner seems to be helping.

The dealer changes two spark plugs on the misbehaving cylinders under warranty and I asked him to change the oil as I'm heading to Brainerd a week Monday for another school with DonnyBrook and I've another 2 weeks after also. I was hoping to make the PCA DE Sept 29th there but I'm in China and may not be able to get back in time, plus, it's no circuit to be jetlagged on.

Total cost for this trip was the oil change which was 140 bucks. The brakes don't seem so bad to me tonight also, I am having to apply firmer pressure but the response was good tonight.

Anyway, I just want to banish my CEL and it looks like the cleaner is doing that. I'll run Amoco gas from now on in it as it has a detergent in the gas and will probably run tekron through the car every 3k miles.

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