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August 10, 2005

RUF supercharger now available

Spotted their ad in Panorama this month and phoned them. 20k for the conversion which gives 360bhp for my 99 C4 and 380 for the 3.6L versions. It's a lot of money. They recommend an engine replacement at 80k also which is quoted at 6k euro which seems pretty cheap for a new engine. It's a lot less bhp than the competitors like EVO etc are quoting but from a reliability point of view, it looks a lot better engineered and even so, 80k is the engine life so you gotta wonder how long an engine with the EVO unit will last....

Value wise, it's got the RUF name and I wonder how much value this would add to the car versus stock. I'm pretty sure the other superchargers won't increase the value of the car and maybe you'd break even with a RUF on it, i.e. 10k+stock but who knows. I know I'd trust a Ruf job rather than the other tuners but without people to test the market it's hard to tell.

Maybe, just wait and get a 2 year old 997S is the way to go instead. Whats funny is Panorama said this month that they couldn't tell the difference between a 997 C2 and the C2S so go figure. Maybe, the way to view the S is a cheaper way to get options like PSM etc. Hard to say.

Heading to the drivers ed in MAM in Iowa on Friday for a 2 day drivers ed.

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I have a 1999 porsche 996. How will I have it supercharged? I'm in the philippines.The ruf conversion is SO EXPENSIVE.Aside from the 20K dollars, i have to fly the mechanic to Manila, pay his allowance and put him in a hotel.

Posted by: arnell ignacio | Jul 28, 2006 5:59:36 AM

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