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August 18, 2005

Mystery of CEL light goes on

I was having intermittent CELs at the MAM event. The old theory was a throttle position sensor alignment problem. The garage checked the faults logged and all they are finding is misfires in 2 and 5, nothing else.

He's saying now it's one of three things:

  • Bad spark plug
  • Injector problem at high rpms
  • Carbon build up

We don't think it's carbon as the DE would have cleaned up out and I've used tekron in the fuel a couple of times to clean the injectors. They are checking the spark plugs now but they will likely show up clean.

Replacing injectors is also an option but at this point, there is no evidence that they are the problem. All I can say is bugger, was hoping to have this settled before we head to Brainerd in a week and a half.

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Having the same problem on the same engine in a 933.What did you determine it to be on this vehicle?Long time ago I see by the date of the post but maybe you can remember.Wierdest thing.Everything checks out fine.You CAN feel the misses.Everything is checks out fine in the ignition with dual trace scope.Replaced anyway.Injectors,same thing.replaced anyway.Noid light check on circuit,OK.Everything OK.Still misfires.NO leakdown 10%.Compression great.What did you find here?

Posted by: Mike | Jan 29, 2006 10:18:54 PM

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