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August 11, 2005

Insured car for drivers education today

I bought a policy from American Collectors today to cover the car from any damage while at DE events. I insured it for 40k, paid 46.5k for it 2 years ago. Premium was 600 bucks and covers it while in transit, in the paddock and on the track but only for DE type events, no racing, no competition or timed events.

It also just covers the car only. The deductible if it's whacked in the paddock is 1k and while on track is 20% or 8K in my case.

I took digital photos of the car and emailed them to Oliver Morales, the admin for the insurnance company and overnighted the application and check.

Hopefully, will never have to comment on whether they pay and customer service but it's peace of mind...

This is getting expensive. So far, I haven't driven a single lap and here are my expensives so far.

Brake pad change and fluid (ATE) plus Nordstern inspection, 470.

Bell M2 Helmet plus nomex sock and gloves 600

R3 neck restraint 995

So, we're at 2k already. Next on the list is new seats with a 6 pt harness which is another 2k. Then suspension with PSS9s is 5k.

May be cheaper to forget modding the 911 and just buy an already prepped 944 or something for 10k. It's 7k just for seats and suspension. We haven't added a roll cage yet! Lets not even factor resale in to it.

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I own a 1999 996 C2 and have tracked it twice this year.I don't know how much if any track experience you have, but for me I probably haven't used up half of the suspension in the car yet.Get on the track and see what a wonderful car you own before upgrading the suspension.

Posted by: Mike Perras | Aug 13, 2005 2:56:18 PM

you're right, see my driver ed blog entry today.

Posted by: Billy | Aug 15, 2005 3:56:33 PM

I totally agree with what you're saying. I wish more people felt this way and took the time to express themselves. Keep up the great work.

William Taggert

Posted by: William Taggert | Jan 22, 2006 11:20:50 AM

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