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August 11, 2005

Installed fire extinguisher

I bought a 2.5lb Halon fire extinguisher and a Brey Krause R2020 seat mount from Jim Bryant at Apex SPG. The fire extinguisher is required for the event by the local PCA chapter and to be honest, I don't mind having one in the car anyway. As usual Jim Bryant from Apex was great and got me the stuff on time with little notice. I ordered it Monday lunch time and it arrived today by UPS. I installed the seat mount tonight and it looks good. It mounts to the underneath of the seat. Porsche already has brackets on the seat and the mount just bolts on to the builtin bracket under the seat. It took me 20 minutes to install it. I didn't need to remove the seat.

It's very solid. No issues with it and the Porsche air bag disabler. The only annoyance with it is that I can't slide the seat all the way back or can't lower the seat all the way to the floor. The mount touches the floor/seat rails at those points and starts to bend the bracket. But, as the Doc says, if it hurts then don't do it.

So, almost ready, we're driving down tomorrow after lunch. If you want to see the track then click here. My Porsche 911 and Johns Ferrari 348. We should get some stares at gas stations. Thats the great thing about travelling with John, his car upstages mine big time. But, he's sick of it at this point and it mostly benefits me at the moment. Hopefully the state troopers won't notice us although with Johns exhaust, I reckon they can hear us ten miles away :)

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