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August 28, 2005

GT4 compared with real thing

So, having played GT4 in a GT3 and now driven my car on a track, what was the difference? I now find it very hard to stay on the track on GT3 because I can't feel how much traction there is. You can feel how much grip you've got in a real car and this tells you when you're turning whether you're too hot and how much at a given point can you turn in more. You can't feel any of that in the game so it's a lot harder to stay on the track as a result.

This is the main difference. GT4 is a lot harder to drive than the real thing as a result. My car with everything stock is pretty forgiving also. It seems like the GT3 has almost no grip in the game even with soft tires on when compared with my C4 on the track.

Still playing GT4 though just to practise lines. There were a lot of increasing and decreasing turns at MAM and it's interesting putting that experience to work in the game. The racing line is a lot different than what I was doing before and I'm quicker than before.

Anyway, yep, it's different. The real thing seems easier. Plus, in the real thing you're a lot more careful, even a little off can cost you big time so that coupled with the car feel is what keeps me on the track.

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