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July 17, 2005

New Turbo looks like best hope

Looks like the new 997 Turbo will have 490 bhp from a turbo charged 3.8L engine. This is promising and may allow Porsche to have a car competitive with the Ferrari F430. I saw a magazine shootout between the 996 TurboS, the Ford GT40 and the F430 over the weekend and the F430 ruled all. 490bhp and 3000 lbs is a wicked combination.

With the basic Turbo now at 490 maybe the Turbo S which is probably priced the same as a F430 will be around 550bhp which may balance out the extra weight, it'll likely have huge low down torque. I guess we'll see. The 997 GT3 isn't looking the bargain it was in the 996 range though, the power outputs are rising considerably and 400bhp doesn't look like enough but that said, few will be able to extract that kind of performance for even the 996 GT3 (especially the worlds biggest rookie, myself!).

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I doubt the new 997 Turbo will have 490hp, as this will create too much distance from the 997S and upcoming GT3. I'm hearing 460-480 hp for the Turbo. Also, weight -- with the AWD -- will more likely be 3300-3500lbs. The attractive thing about the Turbo, though, is the dry sump engine, which will be reliably modifiable.

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