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July 17, 2005

My ride height

Looking at the German 996s this week (I was in Munich and Austria) I'm becoming envious of their looks. They are lower than the US cars and handle better accordingly to all reports. Looks like Porsche 'softened' the 911 and raised it for American tastes.

So, I'm now looking at options to fix this as my car looks like an SUV right now. I don't want it slammed, just an inch to bring it back to the way the thing was designed before they Americanized it. I also don't want the ride so harsh. The adjustable shocks look the ticket. Just measured my cars right height from the floor to the top of the wheel arch. Here are the numbers:

  • FL 67.2 (26.47) FR 66.5 (26.18)
  • RL 67.7 (26.65) RR 66.8 (26.30)

So, my car looks high at the back (by .5 on left and .3 on right) and high on the left (.7 on front, .9 on rear). This is with just under half a tank of fuel and the car is empty (i.e. no baggage and no people).

No idea whether this is right but it looks odd to me that the car is higher on the left. I naively expected the front to be lower than the back given the engine is in the back.

Anyone care to compare?

My immediate short list of upgrades is ROW suspension and springs, Bilstein PSS9 or Moton Club Sport.

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You might think about checking with those who "corner balance" the 996.

Posted by: Fred | Jul 23, 2005 7:25:58 PM

I have the PSS9's on my 1999 C4 Cab, and WOW...I LOVE it...amazing and the car looks great at the lower ride height. Also, its not too harsh, actually in some surfaces it feels BETTER than stock....a great upgrade...

Posted by: John Rhone | Jul 30, 2005 6:19:28 PM

I think you should checkout the famous 'tuner' RUF (Every Porsche fan dreams about a RUF porsche).
There you probably find sth to lower your porsche and also to adapt the handling to european standards (the german Autobahn :-) )


Also available in the US, I think

Posted by: georges | Aug 4, 2005 9:21:56 AM

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