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July 31, 2005

Karting with my R3 neck restraint

Went karting at ProKart in Maple grove MN last Sunday. A blast as always. My first time on the full outside track and managed high 41s which isn't bad for first time on it. I was screwing up the line on the set of turns leaving the indoor complex and the first and second hairpins outside. Always room for improvement...

There is a guy with 39.xx but he weights about 40 lbs less than me so looks like I need to lose some weight and well as fix my line.

I wore my R3 with my Bell M2 helmet. It limits visibility big time. I can't turn my head around to look behind me. Thats the biggest problem. Also, after a few sessions and your arms start to tire, I find it very hard to hook up the straps to the helmet. I had one of my friends do it. Besides that though, I didn't mind wearing it. I'd no trouble with fogging and this was despite me sweating a lot. I was wet through by the end.

The center carbon fibre shaft against my spine started to rub on one side towards the end of the day, like 9 sessions of 8 minutes but still, it wasn't so bad.

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