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July 31, 2005

Karting with my R3 neck restraint

Went karting at ProKart in Maple grove MN last Sunday. A blast as always. My first time on the full outside track and managed high 41s which isn't bad for first time on it. I was screwing up the line on the set of turns leaving the indoor complex and the first and second hairpins outside. Always room for improvement...

There is a guy with 39.xx but he weights about 40 lbs less than me so looks like I need to lose some weight and well as fix my line.

I wore my R3 with my Bell M2 helmet. It limits visibility big time. I can't turn my head around to look behind me. Thats the biggest problem. Also, after a few sessions and your arms start to tire, I find it very hard to hook up the straps to the helmet. I had one of my friends do it. Besides that though, I didn't mind wearing it. I'd no trouble with fogging and this was despite me sweating a lot. I was wet through by the end.

The center carbon fibre shaft against my spine started to rub on one side towards the end of the day, like 9 sessions of 8 minutes but still, it wasn't so bad.

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EBC RedStuff Ceramic - review

I have now used these at two drivers education events (5 days total) and they are really awesome on the track when they are warm. I'm noticeably out braking other similar cars under heavy corners. Wear is about

But, once you track the pads, their cold braking performance is really bad. I would say my Ford Explorer brakes better than my 911 under normal use and this is no BS. I can floor the pedal and the pads don't grab, the car just runs along under friction and stops slowly.

So, as a track pad they are great. As a street pad, it's questionable. They make hardly any dust on the street but they don't work very well until they are warmed up which doesn't really happen on the street.

The original pads I received had no holes on the front pads for the wear sensor. EBC replaced those for free with newer models that had holes for wear sensors.

Overall, I'm mixed. On the track, I love them. On the street they scare me sometimes as the car just doesn't stop like it should under normal driving.

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997 C4 is here and X51 for 997S

Understeer on C4 cured on 997

Looks nice. An improvement on my own for sure. They fixed the understeer present on the C4. This is noticeable on a 996 even as street legal speeds. Bigger rear tires (305) with a stiffer rear sway bar and a less stiff front sway seems to be what they have done on the 997. I may do something similar with mine when I do the suspension to make the car more neutral. I'm looking at either RW030 or PSS9 and GT3 sway bars.

They also gave it bigger brakes to offset the slightly higher weight (120 lbs).

Porsche 997S Club Sport, X51 kit for 997 arrives

The 997S Club Sport has arrived also. A limited 50 model version, it has the X51 power kit bringing the engine up to 380bhp and 310 ft/lbs of torque. Makes you wonder if the claims of 10-20bhp for cold air intake and exhaust upgrades are true if 25bhp is all Porsche can wring out of the engine with the numbers of mods they made on the X51.

Porsche dumbness

Interestingly, the X51 is not available for the C2, only the S. This must piss off owners. It also shows why the C2 is a stupid model that never should have been offered and I don't understand why Porsche has so many frigging models. Jeremy Clarkson who is such a comedian has a point on this topic. Porsche should just have had a 400bhp Porsche 997. The GT3 should be a lighter, better handling version. Then the C4 and the turbo. But, no, instead we have so many frigging models and now this 'club' of S owners being the only ones to be even able to order the X51. Plus, the Cayman which is looking REAL attractive makes the C2 totally redundant. Dumb.

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July 17, 2005

My ride height

Looking at the German 996s this week (I was in Munich and Austria) I'm becoming envious of their looks. They are lower than the US cars and handle better accordingly to all reports. Looks like Porsche 'softened' the 911 and raised it for American tastes.

So, I'm now looking at options to fix this as my car looks like an SUV right now. I don't want it slammed, just an inch to bring it back to the way the thing was designed before they Americanized it. I also don't want the ride so harsh. The adjustable shocks look the ticket. Just measured my cars right height from the floor to the top of the wheel arch. Here are the numbers:

  • FL 67.2 (26.47) FR 66.5 (26.18)
  • RL 67.7 (26.65) RR 66.8 (26.30)

So, my car looks high at the back (by .5 on left and .3 on right) and high on the left (.7 on front, .9 on rear). This is with just under half a tank of fuel and the car is empty (i.e. no baggage and no people).

No idea whether this is right but it looks odd to me that the car is higher on the left. I naively expected the front to be lower than the back given the engine is in the back.

Anyone care to compare?

My immediate short list of upgrades is ROW suspension and springs, Bilstein PSS9 or Moton Club Sport.

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New Turbo looks like best hope

Looks like the new 997 Turbo will have 490 bhp from a turbo charged 3.8L engine. This is promising and may allow Porsche to have a car competitive with the Ferrari F430. I saw a magazine shootout between the 996 TurboS, the Ford GT40 and the F430 over the weekend and the F430 ruled all. 490bhp and 3000 lbs is a wicked combination.

With the basic Turbo now at 490 maybe the Turbo S which is probably priced the same as a F430 will be around 550bhp which may balance out the extra weight, it'll likely have huge low down torque. I guess we'll see. The 997 GT3 isn't looking the bargain it was in the 996 range though, the power outputs are rising considerably and 400bhp doesn't look like enough but that said, few will be able to extract that kind of performance for even the 996 GT3 (especially the worlds biggest rookie, myself!).

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July 06, 2005

New Z06 Vette for 7:40 on ring

Autoweek are reporting a supercharged 600bhp Z06 has done the ring in 7:40 which is 10 seconds slower than the Carrera GT. No price point yet though. The 'normal' Z06 supposed to cost 78k US with 500bhp which is 997 C2 money.


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