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July 31, 2005

EBC RedStuff Ceramic - review

I have now used these at two drivers education events (5 days total) and they are really awesome on the track when they are warm. I'm noticeably out braking other similar cars under heavy corners. Wear is about

But, once you track the pads, their cold braking performance is really bad. I would say my Ford Explorer brakes better than my 911 under normal use and this is no BS. I can floor the pedal and the pads don't grab, the car just runs along under friction and stops slowly.

So, as a track pad they are great. As a street pad, it's questionable. They make hardly any dust on the street but they don't work very well until they are warmed up which doesn't really happen on the street.

The original pads I received had no holes on the front pads for the wear sensor. EBC replaced those for free with newer models that had holes for wear sensors.

Overall, I'm mixed. On the track, I love them. On the street they scare me sometimes as the car just doesn't stop like it should under normal driving.

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