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July 31, 2005

997 C4 is here and X51 for 997S

Understeer on C4 cured on 997

Looks nice. An improvement on my own for sure. They fixed the understeer present on the C4. This is noticeable on a 996 even as street legal speeds. Bigger rear tires (305) with a stiffer rear sway bar and a less stiff front sway seems to be what they have done on the 997. I may do something similar with mine when I do the suspension to make the car more neutral. I'm looking at either RW030 or PSS9 and GT3 sway bars.

They also gave it bigger brakes to offset the slightly higher weight (120 lbs).

Porsche 997S Club Sport, X51 kit for 997 arrives

The 997S Club Sport has arrived also. A limited 50 model version, it has the X51 power kit bringing the engine up to 380bhp and 310 ft/lbs of torque. Makes you wonder if the claims of 10-20bhp for cold air intake and exhaust upgrades are true if 25bhp is all Porsche can wring out of the engine with the numbers of mods they made on the X51.

Porsche dumbness

Interestingly, the X51 is not available for the C2, only the S. This must piss off owners. It also shows why the C2 is a stupid model that never should have been offered and I don't understand why Porsche has so many frigging models. Jeremy Clarkson who is such a comedian has a point on this topic. Porsche should just have had a 400bhp Porsche 997. The GT3 should be a lighter, better handling version. Then the C4 and the turbo. But, no, instead we have so many frigging models and now this 'club' of S owners being the only ones to be even able to order the X51. Plus, the Cayman which is looking REAL attractive makes the C2 totally redundant. Dumb.

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Well I have a 997 Carrera, as with much thought and following Paul Frere and others, the 3.6L engine was quite enough for me. Actually the roads here are not very smooth, and I did NOT want 19in wheels, or the super-lights, as the locals continually flash at these. I like the car a lot ----- I have PASM. But, now I read in the Excellence Mag, that 50-100% of 996 engines require RMS/engine replacements! Does this seem possible to you? The 997 version SHOULD have been improved ---but has it? And the 3.8 has similar issues with 'marginally supported crankshaft', so they hestitate to supercharge it to a strong level. Comments? I am appalled and think I should sell the car before the engine 'goes' west. AlanM

Posted by: Alan Manson | Aug 15, 2005 7:27:53 PM

I bought a 6 year/72k warranty on the car when I bought it so if it happens, I'm hoping I'm covered. Apparently, the tip cars are less likely to have the problem than manuals (touch wood) but who knows. 50-100% seems high, you'd be better asking your dealer or posting on rennlist or renntech.org.

Posted by: Billy | Aug 16, 2005 1:21:12 PM

This might help. http://treffen.pca.org/tech/tech_qa_question.asp?id={CA4AC26B-516E-4C01-A43F-2A5D7160E681}

Posted by: Billy | Aug 17, 2005 11:28:09 AM

am i the only 997 carrera s driver who finds the brake and the throttle too far apart to heel-and-toe? i'm no walter rohrl, and this is my first 911 (after years of m3's), but even at a full stop - let alone in a quick-developing real-life corner - i can hardly make simultaneous contact with both the throttle and brake. i dropped by the local porsche dealer today, and he said that he'd heard this compaint before, but that - unlike the 996 - the 997 pedals can't be adjusted.

i'd appreciate any suggestions.

- Dan

Posted by: daniel | Aug 27, 2005 7:58:00 PM

I am looking to buy a 997. Any comment on what is the fair price???

Posted by: Stephen | Sep 11, 2005 2:15:43 AM

Recently purchased 1999 996 Carrera Convertible, love it, but someone removed the Owners Manual from the black leather pouch of manuals amd instructionsd, Does anyone know where I can get a new or used Owners Manual ?

Posted by: Michael Fisher | Nov 9, 2005 1:16:36 PM

i have a 1999 996 carrera 2 coupe. i was wondering if there is any difference in the body width of my car and the c4 from the same model year. anyone know?

Posted by: alex hamilton | May 10, 2006 5:35:16 PM

I purchesed a Porsche, Carrera Cabrio, 99 model, manuel gear (6 speeds) and no manuels was in the car.
How I can find one ?
And, another strange thing, each time I need a part I give them the schassie number and they say ah, yah, yr car got a navigation and its without, your car is 4x4 and its not !
How I can know about the REAL history of this car?

Posted by: Rasem | Aug 6, 2006 4:13:29 PM

I just purchased a 1999 carrera 4 and the red light at the right of the oil temp. gauge flashes intermittenly what does this mean. The car came with no owners manuel please help!!!!

Posted by: ROD WAGNER | Dec 23, 2006 5:56:39 AM

I am currently looking into the purchase of a 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera 4 Coupe. How much should I expect to pay? How costly are the repairs compared to BMW 3 series?

Posted by: Andre | Jan 25, 2007 3:00:22 PM

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