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June 04, 2005

Carrera GT fatal crash on track

Two guys killed tracking a Carrera GT. No real detail about it in the article.

Update: According to Loren on www.renntech.org, the accident seems to have been caused when another car, a Ferrari, exited the pit lane in to the path of the GT which is supposed to have been moving at between 150-165mph. The driver of the GT swerved to avoid the car but lost control, went on the grass and then had an angular impact with a barrier which seems to have shredded the right side of the car. The windscreen looks like it's been pushed through so maybe the passenger hit it on impact. Regardless, the right side is a mess so it looked grim regardless of the windscreen.

You gotta wonder if at least the driver would have survived with a safety harness like D-Cel or Hans or R3. I don't know if he was wearing one but who knows, 160 is a 160.


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