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June 22, 2005

EBC RedStuff Ceramic Pads


They have the same part number as the last ones but have the wear sensor holes. Bizarre, seems to be some floating around without holes, very strange.

Still, I'll put them on the car when the current ones wear out. Probably end of this year. We're looking at doing a drivers ed event at the midamerica speedway in Glenwood IA. Looks excellent, very safe, nothing to hit, unlike BIR. Mid August is the weekend.

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Porsche enters LeMans

Looks like we're entering the LMP2. It's on www.porsche.com The car looks cool:

480bhp and 750kilos. Carbon fiber brakes. Penske are running them in ALMS

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June 21, 2005

Porsche Supercup paddock photo

A cell phone camera shot of the paddock.

These races turned out to be the best races in my opinion of the weekend plus with the Rohr guy in the Dell sponsored car, the most entertaining also! 

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June 20, 2005

More on the USGP

Just trolling the various news headlines. Looks like the USGP isn't coming back to Indy and it's a damn shame.



Despite all of the complaining, the things thats crystal to me is that Michelin screwed everybody hugely. It's their fault totally.

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USGP, F1 did the right thing

They were dead on. Michelin should have tested the bloody tries. That they suggested that the track be modified to better suit the over teams is ridiculous and Ferrari, rightly, didn't agree. They could have raced in a manner that was safe with the tires and competed for 3/4/5/6/7/8 place but instead chose to sit it out and give the points to Minardi and Jordan although Trulli and Kimi got points because they were first to retire.

So, it may not be understood in the USA but I agree with Ferrari as it's not like the other teams have allowed track modifications or rule changes to suit the infamous Bridgestones warming up problems. What comes around, goes around...

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Ferrari FXX, wow!


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Dell driver at Indy

This guy got the best reaction from the crowd. I'm not sure why he was so slow but he seemed to lose at least 5 seconds a lap. But, if he was an amateur and I think he was given the performance and the fact that the cars are matched, at least he got a ride I'd love to have had on the day, must have been awesome. He also didn't whack the car and seemed to be having fun anyway.

He pulled in to the pitt when the field was about to pass him and I can't say I blame him. The others were bolting along and if it was a 'learner' race, having them stream by me down the straight would be nervewracking.

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Porsche Supercup, star of Indy 2005

The best racing by far was the first Porsche supercup race. Wheel to wheel, lots of passing, it was awesome. The other races spaced out a bit too much for good racing. The Infiniti Pro was dominated by Andretti and even the BMWs spaced out also. The F1 result is all over the news so no need to comment there.

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Replacement EBC brakes arrived

The front replacement pads for my EBC RedStuff Ceramic pads arrived today. Haven't had a chance to look at them yet.

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June 13, 2005

Washed out in Brainerd

Well, to cut a long story short, it rained. They cancelled and thats that. We did the class and track overview but the problem with Brainerd is that the long straight is a NHRA drag strip. It's over a mile long and has the fastest corner in north america in the middle of it (the instructor took a Ferrari 348 around it last year at almost 170).

But, because it's drag strip, its got two lanes with 2 sets of seriously long tire patches for 600 feet down it. So, 4 swaiths of rubber. The NHRA use a compount called VST on that section to make it stickier. Apparently, this stuff is so sticky, it'll pull your shoes off.

But, when it rains, the VST is about 3 times as slippy as ice. NOT GOOD. You can't even walk on it, it's so slippy.

So, it rained. The porsche club were here over the weekend and only had 1/3 days when they could drive and apparently 5 cars went off. One went off at 50ish mph down the straight when he veered slightly from the center line between the lanes where there is no VST. Once, he touched the VST then he spun several times and hit the wall.

So, the track management shut us down and I'm glad. The thoughts of running down that straight in that condition wasn't making me happy. So, there is another one in July that we'll try goto instead.

Plus, there are 3 deer that cross over to the infield in the mornings and then terrorize the cars in the afternoon as they try to leave the track again.

So, I'm relieved. It was looking pretty bad this morning. I don't understand why they don't make a second straight maybe with an S parallel to the drag strip so that people can use the track besides drag cars. Bikes race here also and I can't imagine it's any better for them than us in cars.

Anyway, there it is.

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June 10, 2005

EBC customer service, pretty good

I'd mentioned before that I just put EBC RedStuff Ceramic pads on my car, front and rear and that they didn't have wear sensor holes.

I send an email to EBC and they responded quickly asking for exact car model and their pad part numbers. They then said they actually have pads with holes and would ship me a set for the front free of charge. The rear pads apparently have the holes, I'll check the next time the wheels are off.

So, all in all if the pads that are coming have the holes then excellent service.

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June 09, 2005

Wearing R3 in car

Tried out my helmet and R3 today. With my seat belt on etc, my head movement is restricted. I can see my rear view mirror obviously, and my drivers side mirror but my passenger side mirror is hard to see, it's just far enough that I cant get to it with the available movement without 'cocking' my head to see it.

I can't really feel the R3 between me and the seat so it's cool on that side.

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New 4 seater Porsche

4 seats, front engine, 2WD or 4WD and 300-600 hbp.


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Modified helmet for R3

This was easier than I thought. You guess the center of the helmet on the back and mark a mark 1.5 inches from the bottom in this 'center'. Next, measure from the helmet visor screw to this point. It was 10 inches on mine (Bell M2 Medium). Then measure the same distance on the other side, I was lucky, 10 inches again so my point was the center point.

Next, measure 1.5 inches up from the bottom on the side and mark a mark 4.75 inches from the center mark to a point on each side 1.5 inches above the bottom. These points are the two screw points.

We used a battery drill with a 3/16" bit and drilled through masking tape. The hole was very clean. I was able to pull the foam back enough to slide the washer and nut in far enough and the attached the D-clip using the longer screws (4 are provided, 2 short and 2 long) and thats it.

We spent a lot of time checking the measurements etc before drilling and that was the part which took the longest time although putting in the screws is a bit fiddly.

So, the helmet is R3 ready.

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June 08, 2005

Bedding EBC RedStuff Ceramic Pads

It is with much relief that the bedding procedure for these can be done legally. Basically, accelerate to 60mph and then use brakes to slow to 15 and then accelerate again. Repeat 10 times increases pressure. The brakes should be bedded at this point. Repeat if not satisfied with the performance after the procedure.

I had thought it would be some manic procedure involving burning up the rotors or decelerating from 100mph etc.

So, nice and easy.

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Pads installed

Auto-edge installed the EBC RedStuff Ceramic brakes this morning and changed the brake fluid to ATE Gold. They did a Drivers ed check for me and everything passed as I expect.

The only thing with the EBC pads so far is they didn't have a hole for the wear sensor so thats a royal pain. I may call them to ask why is this and I would really like the wear sensor to work.

So far, I just have driven it 150 miles with the EBCs on it. No squealing yet, very quiet.

Hard to tell with the brakes compared my with stock pads before but the pedal seems higher and firmer and they bite better. More later.

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June 06, 2005

Bought an R3 neck harness

So, bit the bullet and bought an R3 harness this morning from http://www.sstmotorsports.com/. I'll have it on Wednesday. I'm bringing the car to be checked on Wed morning and swapping the fluid to ATE and pads to Pagid Street pads.

Next problem will be adding the mount points to my Bell M2 helmet. The foam is glued in on an M2 so it's gonna be hard to lift it to get the mount points for the R3. More when I get it.

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June 05, 2005

Mr Clean Autowash

Mr Clean Autowash is what I'm now using to wash my car. It works really well and for me anyway, gives a good finish. It takes me around 20 mins start to finish. I use a local car wash occasionally but I'm never happy with the result. The car simply isn't washed, there is still scum on the car. No such problems with Mr Clean. It's costs about 5 bucks a wash maybe but it's worth it and is a no hassle, easy to do wash.

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June 04, 2005

Carrera GT fatal crash on track

Two guys killed tracking a Carrera GT. No real detail about it in the article.

Update: According to Loren on www.renntech.org, the accident seems to have been caused when another car, a Ferrari, exited the pit lane in to the path of the GT which is supposed to have been moving at between 150-165mph. The driver of the GT swerved to avoid the car but lost control, went on the grass and then had an angular impact with a barrier which seems to have shredded the right side of the car. The windscreen looks like it's been pushed through so maybe the passenger hit it on impact. Regardless, the right side is a mess so it looked grim regardless of the windscreen.

You gotta wonder if at least the driver would have survived with a safety harness like D-Cel or Hans or R3. I don't know if he was wearing one but who knows, 160 is a 160.


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June 03, 2005

Brakes are a headache

This is harder than it's supposed to be, I think or I'm just worrying too much. I need to get the brake fluid changed to ATE Gold which is supposed to be the best thing for the money. Thats a 100 buck (90 labor) job as a garage. This flushing should be done before every event so I guess I can save a bunch if I do it myself.

Brake are a whole other story. My car has 33k miles on it with the original pads. I need to replace them. An instructor recommended Pagid Orange pads but they are not liveable with day to day because of noise and rotor wear. My Ferrari friend recommends EBC, he uses green stuff, and I bought a set of EBC Red Ceramics yesterday from ebcdirect (200 bucks). Installing them at garage A was 90 for front and 90 for back for labor. This seems high, 2 hours for a brake install but I'll pay for a professional to do it given it's brakes. Garage A only had Pagid OEM and Pagid Orange but their OEM pads cost 250 bucks which is more than the EBC red stuff.

The problem is which brakes to use that work well in day to day and also work better than stock on a track doing drivers ed but not racing. While my Ferrari buddy hasn't had trouble with EBC green, people at tirerack have had bad problems with EBC red (the older one), in fact, tirerack doesn't sell EBC anymore.

So why did I buy EBC Red Ceramics. Because my buddies tell me they are good. Pagid Orange looks best as a track pad but I can't use em day to day.

It's very hard to find brake advice on the web. Pagid's web site is not very good, very little information and besides the tirerack reviews for EBC, thats all I can find. EBC have links to a race team they sponsor but it's hardly objective.

Next is brake cooling. Cooling seems to be a big deal. The cooler the brakes run the better. The 996 has cooling ducts built in. The are just on the inside of the floor in front of the front wheels. They are like scoops that pull air from under the car and redirect it in to the wheel well. I saw a company selling the scoops from a GT3 RS for 300 bucks. They just snap on and are twice as big. This isn't a bad mod probably and cooler brakes can't hurt so I'm considering this also.

The jury is out on steel braided brake lines. I can't find a conclusive answer. I know instructors who track and they use OEM rubber lines. My Porsche mechanic says the same thing. Other say they are better. Jury is still out.

Rim valves are next. Porsche wheels on the 996 come with rubber valves. Apparently the turbo has metal ones. PCA mandate metal valves for racing because they are supposed to be safer. They tolerate the G forces much better than a flexible valve under braking/acceleration so there is less risk of a blow out if the valve fails. I'm told that any tire shop should be able to replace my rubber valves with metal ones and there is no special metal ones to recommend. Apparently they are pretty much similar.

So, here's my plan.

  • Ordered EBC Red Stuff Ceramic (200 bucks + prof install)
  • Will flush brake fluid with ATE Gold (100 bucks)
  • Will change metal values if possible locally
  • May buy GT3 RS brake cooling (300 bucks).

So, here's where I am right now.

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