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May 20, 2005

RUF superchargers, not so sure

So, RUF has a 996 supercharger for 20k. Tempting but when you reason it out, it makes no sense, at least not for me.

My car has tiptronic, the turbo has a reinforced tiptronic, will mine be up to it? Not clear. Brakes and suspension etc.

I figure the 20k is the tip of the iceberg cost wise, plus, my warranty would be shot. It looks a lot cheaper to just buy a used Turbo for maybe 30k on top of my car, so thats the plan when I switch.

There are others with cheaper superchargers but I'm worried about reliability. RUF have modified the engine internals for theirs to 'improve reliability' so with RUFs reputation I think they are needed.

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