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May 29, 2005

New Cayman is killing me

So Autoweek talks about the Porsche Cayman S this week. 295 bhp and lighter than a Carrera. Laps the ring 4 seconds faster than a C2. It's cheaper, what the hell are they thinking! Why would you buy a C2 now when you can get a Cayman S.

It's side profile doesn't work for me but it looks good from the back. I don't understand what Porsche are doing but the extra two seats in a 911 are not worth 15k dollars. My kids (8 and 6) used them at the beginning but the novelty is gone now and no more. It's a 2 seater with storage behind the seats.

They also mentioned the new GT3 which looks disappointing also. 400bhp, 20 more than the current one and they threw out PASM to save weight. I think they should have given the 997S 400bhp and then made a club sport/gt3 version which is gutted to save weight. Course, they are still 100bhp down on the stock Ferrari 430. The endless models they offer now just piss me off. Ferrari have 3 models, couple, cab, stradale. Having 5k price differences between models makes no sense and has to lower their profits from the sheer number of models and additional complexity on the production line.

If anyone from Porsche is reading, how about this for a line up? They should just have a (400bhp) coupe, (410bhp) 4wd coupe, (450bhp) GT3, (400bhp) 2wd cab and (550bhp+) turbo. This also differentiates the 911 from the Boxster/Cayman. I hate the idea of the carrera which has gotta be just penny pitching at Porsche. The Cayman S is probably a better car than the C2 and cheaper.

I'm afraid Porsche will turn in to Aston Martin with the 911 becoming, God forbid, a DB9. Their sports cars will not be 911s, the boxster and cayman are the sports cars, drivers cars, the 911 is a grand tourer from the looks of things.


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If their decisions are so bad, how come they have become the most profitable car manufacturere in the world despite their relatively small size?

Posted by: bob | Jun 26, 2005 9:57:13 AM

It's great they are making money. But are they making money at the expense of customers who made them profitable and stuck with them through the bad times. I would have no issue with the Cayman if the new 997 had 400bhp standard but it doesn't. The Cayman is faster round the ring than a 997 C2 for petes sake.

Posted by: Billy | Jun 26, 2005 6:35:29 PM

It's funny reading a Cayman rant from the 911 viewpoint. I'm a Boxster owner, and I frequent Boxster discussion boards where Cayman threads have ranged from, "The Cayman needs more power" to "The Cayman is Porsche's next attempt at killing the 911 line". I've also seen the same thing you said, "The 911 will move into GT territory and leave the sports car market to the Boxster and Cayman," but said with enthusiasm instead of dread.

Seriously, what's wrong with the Cayman (aside from the fact that it should have > 300bhp IMHO)? It's a coupe, in case the Boxster's convertible-ness was keeping you away. It should be lighter and stiffer than a Boxster (due to its coupe-ness). Above all, it's a mid-engine car. The 911 is an engineering marvel that it's able to handle so well with the engine in the rear, but how much longer can they continue to improve such a broken design? Mid-engine is the way to go (interesting that the Carrera GT has its engine in the middle, not the rear ...).

Posted by: Todd | Jul 10, 2005 3:23:37 PM

I guess my problem is I own a 911. My resale is going to cat because of this :) I agree with you, hence my impression that the 911 is soon going to be a GT car rather than a sports car. It's not inevitable that the power on the Cayman will go up at least another 20-25bhp and eventually it'll get the 3.8L engine. What if that made a GT3 Cayman? It'd be an awesome car for sure.

Posted by: Billy | Jul 17, 2005 11:25:45 AM

They need to up the horsepower in the 911. 0-60 in 4.8 for the 911 997 c2? What a bunch of crap. I would feel stupid if I spent $71,000 on a car that can get beat by an 06 subaru for $33,000. (the 22b sti can go 0-60 in 4.7). The reality is that cars are going faster now. The cayman would be a nice medium level car to compete with those class of cars (the 350Z, subaru Sti, Mitsubishi Evo). But one would expect that the 911 would be above that with times like in the 4.2-4.4 range and the S version with lower times (if there is really a need for an S version). I would be happy with a very fast turbo and an actually fast base 911. Anyway just my 2 cents.

Posted by: Ben | May 1, 2006 12:00:03 AM

I have owned two boxsters a 996 and now a cayman s. The cayman is the most fun in my opinion. I like the look, the handling, the two seats, the price, quality,etc.

Porsche's are about more than a 0-60 time, they are true packages of quality and precision. when you drive one, you feel like you do not care about others opinions on if your car is worth the money or not..

Most people who buy a subaru or mitz with a 4.8 0-60 would have bought the cayman if the could..

I also would be the first to say that if Porsche just made the 911, it would be a more appealing company and car to me.

Posted by: jazbo | Jun 21, 2006 5:53:26 AM

Boxster or Cayman? They both now have the same engine. Is it worth the extra for the Cayman or is it better having a convertible?

Posted by: Adnan Doha | Aug 3, 2006 7:19:28 PM

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