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May 31, 2005

Brake fluid

So, I'm doing this drivers ed event in a couple of weeks so I'm looking at what I can do to prepare the car. Brake fluid is one option. My dealer said that they haven't changed the fluid since I started using them in Aug 03 but they have been checking it's level and clarity. So, it's probably time for a fluid change. The dealer uses an OEM fluid using in Benz, Audi or Porsche and it's DOT-4. The DOT indicates the dry and wet boiling points, higher is better. My Ferrari friend uses ATE brake fluid and I'm now thinking of going the same way, this seems the best fluid for street and occasional track use and it's also the BMW fluid apparently.

So, will look for a local shop to change the fluid, my Porsche dealer is a 4 hour round trip from here.

I also asked about metal valves on the wheels and the dealer claimed rubber was better and leaked less. Others say metal is better at speed. I don't know right now to tell the truth so I'm leaving them alone for now.

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