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December 11, 2004

Winter tires

Just put my Bridgestone Blizzak LM22s on the car. Winter is here and temperatures are hovering around 0C or 32F. Too cold for the Pirellis which need to be replaced now anyway.

The blizzaks are not for great handling, the car feels very different than with the Pirellis but it's winter and for me, grip in bad conditions is the reason. The Blizzaks kill the normal winter tires like Dunlop SP Wintersport etc in this regard. Nope, they aren't Z rated but they work when it counts. I drive my car through the winter here so I need this level of confidence that I won't get stranded. I drive my Explorer if I know it's a crappy day.

I got the wheels from TireRack for 1700 in 2003 including Mille Mignlia rims. The rims are ok but not machine to a high level of precision. My porsche wheel caps are only tight in two wheels and loose in the others. Crappy but they work.

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