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December 12, 2004

Tiptronic better for Track?

Just read the Dec 04 Panorama magazine from the Porsche Club of America. A Canadian instructor/ex driver says he reckons that tip cars are quicker round a track. As a tip owner, I found this intriguing.

His idea is basically to use the tip for very fast optimal downshifts before corners. You need to left foot brake the car, as the RPM falls to 4k RPM then floor the throttle extremely quickly and release it. You need blip the throttle faster than the injectors will work as you're trying to slow the car down here...

Tip will downshift to the right gear and then as more speed falls off then blip it again to repeat. Mad stuff, tried it today, almost killed myself. You need to blip the throttle extremely quickly, like a tap dancer. I was still thinking about it too much today and ended up holding the throttle down slightly too long which results in the car accelerating rather than slowing down before the corner which is a bad thing...

But, will keep trying to see how it goes. Left foot braking is completely unnatural for me so I can't modulate it as well as my right foot but that'll probably get better with practise. The big test will be at Brainerd next year.

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