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December 11, 2004

30000 mile service done

Just had the 30k service done at MapleWood Imports in the Twin Cities. Stellar service from Bruce and the crew.

The service was around 700 bucks which is what I expected. I had the CDR220 replaced under my aftermarket warranty, that was 397 including labor. I paid the 200 dollar deductible.

They took a small dent from my hood where a rock hit me driving home one night. They are posting the paint to my house where I can cover the chip now. The dent was 90 bucks, paint 20. They said 500 to repaint the whole thing so I'll do that closer to selling it.

The wood inside the cockpit has small hairline cracks in a few places, apparently it's common and very expensive to repair so best to just leave it alone. My next one, I'll avoid the wood for this reason and get alu or carbon instead.

So, 1100 bucks in the end. They said the car was in very good condition, nothing unusual.

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