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December 13, 2004

Winter in MN

This morning driving to work, temperatures were 12F with wind chills down to well below. I guess this is why they make Winter tires.

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December 12, 2004

Tiptronic better for Track?

Just read the Dec 04 Panorama magazine from the Porsche Club of America. A Canadian instructor/ex driver says he reckons that tip cars are quicker round a track. As a tip owner, I found this intriguing.

His idea is basically to use the tip for very fast optimal downshifts before corners. You need to left foot brake the car, as the RPM falls to 4k RPM then floor the throttle extremely quickly and release it. You need blip the throttle faster than the injectors will work as you're trying to slow the car down here...

Tip will downshift to the right gear and then as more speed falls off then blip it again to repeat. Mad stuff, tried it today, almost killed myself. You need to blip the throttle extremely quickly, like a tap dancer. I was still thinking about it too much today and ended up holding the throttle down slightly too long which results in the car accelerating rather than slowing down before the corner which is a bad thing...

But, will keep trying to see how it goes. Left foot braking is completely unnatural for me so I can't modulate it as well as my right foot but that'll probably get better with practise. The big test will be at Brainerd next year.

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December 11, 2004

Winter tires

Just put my Bridgestone Blizzak LM22s on the car. Winter is here and temperatures are hovering around 0C or 32F. Too cold for the Pirellis which need to be replaced now anyway.

The blizzaks are not for great handling, the car feels very different than with the Pirellis but it's winter and for me, grip in bad conditions is the reason. The Blizzaks kill the normal winter tires like Dunlop SP Wintersport etc in this regard. Nope, they aren't Z rated but they work when it counts. I drive my car through the winter here so I need this level of confidence that I won't get stranded. I drive my Explorer if I know it's a crappy day.

I got the wheels from TireRack for 1700 in 2003 including Mille Mignlia rims. The rims are ok but not machine to a high level of precision. My porsche wheel caps are only tight in two wheels and loose in the others. Crappy but they work.

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Track time

So, not going to a drivers ed 3 day at Road Atlanta. The others pulled out leaving John and me and then we decided to just spend the money at Brainerd track days in 2005 instead. Would have been fun to drive a vette though.

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30000 mile service done

Just had the 30k service done at MapleWood Imports in the Twin Cities. Stellar service from Bruce and the crew.

The service was around 700 bucks which is what I expected. I had the CDR220 replaced under my aftermarket warranty, that was 397 including labor. I paid the 200 dollar deductible.

They took a small dent from my hood where a rock hit me driving home one night. They are posting the paint to my house where I can cover the chip now. The dent was 90 bucks, paint 20. They said 500 to repaint the whole thing so I'll do that closer to selling it.

The wood inside the cockpit has small hairline cracks in a few places, apparently it's common and very expensive to repair so best to just leave it alone. My next one, I'll avoid the wood for this reason and get alu or carbon instead.

So, 1100 bucks in the end. They said the car was in very good condition, nothing unusual.

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CDR220 crashing

My CDR220 radio is occasionally hanging after 3 beeps when I change CD or change the sound source. No idea why. Takes around 10 mins before I can turn it on again. Talking with the dealer about it. He says he'll believe anything with radios :)

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Coolant leak

My 996 has a coolant leak. I got this fixed using the following trick. Buy black lite fluid and googles from a good auto parts store. Put some of the fluid in the coolant tank after topping up the coolant.

Drive the car till the coolant low light comes on. Drive home, put on the googles and the special flash light. Look around the car, especialli engine, under side skirts and front wheel wells. You'll see a flourescent color where the leak is. Mine was the radiator hoses on the front driver wheel well. 500 bucks to repair including labor. My warranty (an third party extended one) didn't cover it as it was plastic parts.

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