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October 31, 2007

Upgraded to Leopard

I upgraded my MacBook Pro and my iMac at home to Leopard yesterday and it just worked. My work MacBook looks fine, all the stuff works, Symantec anti virus, VMWare, Parallels, Notes, the mobility client, XD build tools etc. Pretty easy install and on restarting everything looks good. Coverflow is nice but Time machine is the most interesting thing I think.

I'm trying to do an initial backup to a USB external 320GB hard drive right now using time machine. First, I had the USB drive plugged in to my Apple HD Monitor and the monitor plugged in to the MacBook. This was really slow, like .5MB/sec slow. I then stopped time machine thinking that the USB hub in the monitor was a 1.0 hub, i.e. slow. I couldn't eject the backup drive. It was in use. I then shutdown and restarted after plugging the drive directly in to the MacBook and then I set the backup drive to NONE and then the drive in Timemachine.

It restarted the backup and it's way faster. It's not around 10 or 15MB/sec which is much better. Lesson learned, don't plug drives in to the monitor. Meanwhile, the backup is moving along so I'll know more later.

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