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June 29, 2007

Switched to a Macbook pro

As I mentioned earlier, I've now switched from my Thinkpad to a MacBook pro. Why did I do this? I found XP pretty unstable. I had a variety of issues with the thinkpad. Here are some of them:

1) Mega disk activity for no apparent reason sometimes
2) When in max battery mode, the screen would turn off and then refuse to come on
3) Blue screens when switching between external monitors and the builtin display, really annoying when doing customer work.
4) Corrupting icons on desktop and then they work again after a week or so.
5) Other windows stability issues

I had these issues with a T60 and the Z61 which was my last notebook.

So, enter the Macbook pro. I've had it two days now. I have Notes and the mobility client working now. Mobility client is way better than ATTs VPN client. It connects in like a second where as the ATT client appeared to do a ridiculous amount of disk I/O, for such a simple function it consumed a lot of resources.

I'm using adium as my IM client, I can't get it to work with sametime yet but it works fine with msn. Notes internal IM is working fine.

I have eclipse 3.2 installed with subclipse for SVN access and that all works fine. XD uses a mantis build system and thats all building fine on the macbook now so from a development point of view, it's operational and wasn't had to make it operational.

Microsoft Office is installed and that works well. Usability wise, I now view the Macbook as a unix notebook that works. My friends have tried to use various flavors of linux on their thinkpads but it always ended badly. Stuff didn't work or there were issues and they returned to the dark side. But, MacOSc seems the opposite. You have all the unix tools available but it all works incredibly well as a package.

So what don't I like. The wrist area being metal is dumb as my metal strapped watch will ruin the finish on that in no time. It takes too long for me to suspend it when I close the lid, it takes like 10 seconds before the power light starts flipping. No two button mouse builtin. Eclipse works so much better with an external mouse, it's almost unusable for me right now without the external two button mouse.

But, there are minor things compared with what was going on with the thinkpad so its a definite improvement.

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I had the same problem when I started with my Macbook and lack of the right click. All you need to do is tap the trackpad with two fingers and the right click menu will pop up and you are good to go. This makes it a lot easier and quicker.

You can also scroll a webpage by using two fingers and scrolling downwards on the trackpad.

One other thing I did not know when I got my Mac was that by holding down the 'fn' key and pressing 'delete' you can essentially do the same thing that 'delete' key does on a PC. Hope that helps.

Posted by: MIKE | Jun 29, 2007 6:25:20 PM

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