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June 18, 2007

EVDO versus EDGE, EVDO wins easily

We did just a road trip with a Sprint Blackberry 7130E and a tMobile Blackberry Pearl. Both were hooked up with USB cables to laptops running Vista and XP. EVDO is a lot better. More consistent signal, much faster downloads. We saw 100kB/sec at one point with averages aroun 70kb compared with EDGE providing a maximum of 27KB/sec so it looks around 3x faster.

I'm sticking with my Pearl and EDGE till the contract runs out but at that point, I'm looking around unless tMobile have something better at that point.

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You may want to read this article comparing EVDO via tethered phone and EVDO via dedicated data device:


Posted by: EVDOinfo | Jun 18, 2007 8:33:09 AM

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