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June 17, 2007

Blackberry 8100 as a tethered modem after the weekend


I'm spent the weekend now using the Blackberry 8100 (Pearl) as a tethered modem for my laptop. It worked, it's ok speed wise. It does crash though. Sometimes I couldn't dial using DUN. I needed to sometimes reboot the laptop and sometimes reboot the phone. One day, we'll make computers that don't require a reboot to keep them running but we're not there yet.

Overall, it's cool. I won't be using my tMobile Hotsport Wifi anymore, the phone works well enough and if I had EVDO etc than I'd never need it again. It's a shame bluetooth is so slow, it would be very cool to have a wireless bluetooth modem. EDGE isn't so fast that bluetooth would slow it down much but someone with EVDO wouldn't like it.

The phone manufactuers need to make a phone that acts like a Wifi router, that would make this so easy. Until then though, tether away...

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I've been struggling to get this to work. What settings did you use to get this to work?

Posted by: Adam | Jun 29, 2007 8:52:55 PM

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