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June 16, 2007

Blackberry 7130e on Sprint as tethered modem

We got my buddies 7130e working with Sprint this weekend. It has EVDO and it's a lot faster than my EDGE with tMobile. We saw 70KB/sec downloads. Very, very usable with our laptops.

We tried getting it to work like my pearl but that doesn't work. In the end we phoned Sprint and they told us we need to download the connection manager from www.sprint.com/downloads for the phone. Then connect with the USB and use their connection manager. They also had to enable something on the phone which took about 90 minutes to make its way on to the phone from the network.

But, once this was done, its works very well. EVDO is pretty cool. For now, I'll stick with tMobile, EDGE is fast enough for what I need but when the contract expires then I'm looking around for something like EVDO or REV A for more bandwidth.

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