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May 07, 2007

More on my new Thinkpad Z61p

Liking my Z61p more and more. I'm currently sitting on a place in economy and size wise it's ok. The
guy in front of me has leaned back but it's still usable. The wide screen is not as tall as a T60 screen but
is wider so it's better in this cramped area. It had a full charge at the beginning of the flight
and in max battery mode, doing eclipse development, it's showing 5+ hours at 100% and right now, I'm at
4:45 at 82% battery so it looks better than a T60 from a battery life point of view.

The screen is really fine, I'm making my fonts bigger. This helps a lot as the screen is 1900 across
so normal fonts are pretty small. I'm using a 14 pt font for my Java editing and the default
font for the others and this is working well. It's a lot less strain on the eyes with the fonts set
like this. I'm using the screen at one bar of brightness and at 80% battery, I see 4:28 life remaining
and with full brightness, it's around 3:43. 3 bars or half way is around 4:15 which is a good
compromise for me.

So, overall, not bad, the screen is a lot nicer than the T60 because of the higher resolution. I
also installed the XP clear type power toy from Microsoft to enable and optimize truetype
fonts and this works really well with the high resolution of the screen. Would I go back to the T60
at this point, I'd say no for now. Battery life is good and the screen is really nice.

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