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January 31, 2007

Gateway 840GM repaired

I bought a new D945GBO motherboard. The machine wouldn't boot on that motherboard though because it needs a different HAL than the original motherboard. The only way to switch HALs is a full reinstall and Gateway refused to provide a Windows Media Center install disk.

In the end I just bought Vista. Vista includes the media center capabilities and installed on that motherboard just fine. I needed to install the Intel Audio drivers myself but besides that it was pretty easy.

It's still a lot cheaper to do this than to give Best Buy 650 bucks to replace the motherboard. I paid 120 bucks for the motherboard and the Vista license so I'm still ahead and finally on a system thats generic again. I don't like the OEM Windows arrangements where basically you can't upgrade the motherboard without buying another Windows license.

Memory wise, a GB is tight for Vista. I'm about 50% used idle and with a few apps open, 80%. I'll add another GB of 667 RAM today. Vista detected the ATI tuner card just fine and once the audio driver was installed, configuring Media Center was a piece of cake.

So, it's working again.

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