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September 05, 2006

Stringray kills Steve Irwin

This is pretty sad. It's unbelievable that a string ray was what killed him. My family swims with Stringrays every year at Rum point in Grand Cayman. There are some pretty big ones there approaching 2 meters (6 feet) across. I knew they had a barb but they are supposed to be tame. Then again, it is a wild animal and thus is unpredictable. I wonder if this will hit the Stringray city tours in Grand Cayman as a result, will people be more wary swimming with them than before.

Steve Irwin becomes the 2nd Austrailian killed by a Stringray. Apparently in 1945 someone else was killed. Given the general lethality of the wildlife in Austrailia and the creatures he regularly had contact with, this can only be described as freakish.

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