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July 24, 2006

The Grizzly man, Timothy Treadwell

I saw his doucmentary on discovery last night and while it was cool that he did what he did, I can't help but agreeing with the helicopter pilot when he said, he had it coming. I don't mean it in a bad way, but they are wild animals, he can bluff all he wants but if a bear calls him on it then thats that and I guess thats what happened. I've seen other stories on the web w.r.t. people who had wild animals for pets, large pythons, lions, tigers etc. The stories are invariably that the animal attacked them and if they are lucky, they walk away to talk to reports to not have wild animals as pets.

Anyway, it's a shame, but, given what he did, it was bound to happen. It was interesting looking at the reaction of the locals to him. None of them thought he was helping. By making bears used to people he was endangering them in their opinion. Makes sense to me. I also don't understand how he was protecting the bears given they were in a reserve. I'm sure his videos shown in schools might help his cause though, that must be what it was about.

He behaves like a kid in the videos he made. Almost like a children show. I figure he was like that in videos to make materiel suitable for the schools he liked to visit. Maybe thats what he's like the whole time, no idea.

Anyway, shame.

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