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July 17, 2006

Mesothelioma and other low survival diseases

I saw a documentary on this the other night on TV and it's pretty aweful. On par with a lung cancer documentary which I'd seen before. The survival rates for lung cancer are pretty poor, something like 50% after 5 years.

I guess with all the TV channels on cable these days and the reality TV shows on surgery, cancers etc, I wonder if people won't get treated. I mean, some of the treatments are pretty brutal and if it's a low survival rate cancer, you gotta figure quality of life has to figure somewhere. At what point is it experimentation rather than treatment. It's a tough call, if you'd a family then, of course, you want to fight for any chance, no matter how small but at the same time, watching a parent die slowly with that kind of disease must be aweful. My granny died from stomach cancer but it was fast, less than a week. She had pain, went to hospital, was diagnosed, went in to a coma and then never woke up. Is that a better way to go with a low odds disease? Just get it over with so the people left behind can just get on with it. Don't know, and hope I'll never have to find out.

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