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July 05, 2006

Lower price LCD TVs

I bought a Philips 32 inch LCD TV from Sams Club last year. It cost about 1300 bucks. I've done side by side comparisons between it and my 55 inch Philips rear projection set and compared it with newer more expensive DLP sets.

The main difference is on dark materiel. If the movie you're watching has a lot of very dark scenes then you can see almost nothing on the LCD set when compared with the others. The others still have good contrast and you can see the dark images very clearly. It tends to all be dark on the LCD set. But, that said, this is about the only difference that I can tell.

Is this worth paying an extra 2k for a high end LCD set? For me, no. But, if the cash is lying in your pocket then it's up to you.

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