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June 27, 2006

Google adsense and monetizing a web site

I'm trying to extract revenue from both my blog and my tracking portal www.trackpedia.com

We've been reading a bunch of stuff on the web and are trying to apply what we learn on the site. Don't know what will work yet but we gotta try.

Ad targeting

We added google adsense targeting comments on our forums limiting adsense to just the post message texts. This is improving the ads we're seeing.

Strategic ad positioning

So, we have added a skyscraper down the left of our forum. We added a link block under our header. We added a 768 leaderboard under the first post and every 5 posts when people view forums.

Adsensed our archive pages

Our forum archives had no advertising at all so we updated index/archive.php to include top and bottom leaderboards.

So far, thats what we've done. Now, it's just wait and see.

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