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June 29, 2006

BlackBerry 7105t GPRS Modem

I got my Blackberry 7105T working as a GPRS modem for my laptop tonight while driving to the F1 race in Indianapolis. Here's the deal.

Attach the berry to your laptop with the USB cable. This doesn't work with bluetooth. Make sure the blackberry device manager is running and the desktop manager also.

Hit the control panel/Phones and Modems and you should see a Standard Modem on COM4. Click it and then click diagnostics. You should see a hardware id of mdmgen. Clicking on Query Model should bring up stuff like Blackberry IP Modem.

Click the Advanced tab. I'm using T-Mobile and it needs an additional initializer string. This is it:


Click ok.

Now make a new Internet Connection, pick the modem and enter *99# as the phone number.

Enter the Networking Tab and in the PPP settings, turn off software compression and LCP. In the TCP settings/Advanced, turn off IP Header Compression.

The username and password is blank, call it TMobile GPRS and there you go.

I get around 7k per second which isn't bad. It's supposed to be 56k and thats around what I see. It's pretty reliable, I've been online now for 30 minutes riding along the highway in our RV and it's worked fine, no drops.

The IBM VPN dialer works fine also and I can sync Lotus notes, albeit slowly.

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Bill could you please email me any info you might know about getting my 7105t playing downloaded mp3's, thanks

Posted by: nate | Jul 24, 2006 10:00:30 PM

Thank's for the info, i connected my notebook and used my 7105t blackberry on interstate 69. I'm a music recording engineer, and Brock Stonefish, a blues recording artist i help , used it too, and emailed some fans before his apperance in Mount Pleasant Michigan, great stuff dude!!

Posted by: Echomaster | Aug 7, 2006 10:07:06 AM

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