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April 27, 2006

Linksys SRX200 router, no good

Since I switched back to my trusty Linksys BEFW B router, I've had ZERO issues in my house. So, I'm pretty sure now that the SRX200 router is dodgy.

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I'd rather stick with the LinkSys WRT54G. Works fine with all my devices except for the T40 (works on T42 though). The T40 just has intermitent "drops" where I just repair the connection and everything works again. I think its the problem of the T40 since no other device not even my Nintendo DS drops.

However, I use it in conjunction with my OLD 4 port router with no wireless just so I have more ports.

I don't run my DHCP/DNS server on the router though, I have a spare machine that handles that using a program called dnsmasq which is a SIMPLE DHCP/DNS server. It basically just forwards to your ISP's DNS server and it provides DDNS which the Linksys does not provide.

It also uses your hosts file on the server to look up servers locally. (e.g. my network printer, my wifi router, my normal router).

The only problem with the dnsmasq program is there is no way I have found yet to see what devices are currently connected.

Also NETBIOS over TCP/IP seems faster when you use a fully qualified name.

Posted by: Archimedes Trajano | May 2, 2006 12:06:34 AM

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