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March 10, 2006

SRX wireless speed

I wasn't happy with my home setup. I have a media center PC with a Linksys 54G wireless USB Adapter and an Linksys SRX200 wireless router. I was unable to view video from the PC on my laptop, also with G (ThinkPC/Centrino). I don't want to wire my media center PC so I'm looking for a wireless answer.

So, I bought a LinkSys SRX PCI wireless card for the media center PC. That looks to have tripled the throughput from around 36MBps to 108mbps. This represents a jump from 36mbps using the G USB adapter I had before so good news.

I can now watch video on the laptop in some of the rooms in the house but there are still areas where I can't get the throughput. Maybe if I had SRX G on my laptop I could watch it anywhere.

I noticed copying large files uses 24% of my laptop 54mbps bandwidth. Viewing a media center video takes 12%.

So, better but still not good enough I think. I'll keep the SRX PCI card and maybe buy an PCMCIA SRX card for my laptop but it's a pain not to be able to use the Centrino one. Wireless G should be good enough but my house looks sufficiently complex to defeat even SRX.

To watch the media center video, you need around 900k-1MB per second. The bad areas of my house only give me 500-650kb per second which results in jerky video. An SRX card in the laptop would likely solve the problem.

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