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March 29, 2006

Seven mile beach, I don't think so

We're still on Grand Cayman for vacation. We went for a stroll from Rum point down to the Kaibo docks and it's just mind blowing. Looking around me, you gotta ask yourself, if I had millions of dollars and was moving here, why would I even think of buying on SMB? I'd be out of my mind. It's crowded, tons of traffic, construction trucks rolling by.

We were practically the only people on that stretch of beach yesterday, it was great. I'll post some pictures when I can (still there).

We ate in the Lone Star restaurant on SMB yesterday and we won't be returning. The location on SMB is a bad one given the amount of traffic flowing by, noisy and smelly. The food wasn't great. For me, Rum point is still tops for cheap food on the island. Finally figured out that the Hyatt owns Rumpoints restaurant yesterday too.

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