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February 28, 2006

Tivo versus Microsoft Media Center

We've had both for the past 6 months. I actually have 3 Tivos and one Media PC, a Gateway 840GM. The verdict is Media Center rules. It's free. It's fast, it doesn't hang. I can play recorded music using a simple file share, I can play DVDs on it. It's completely integrated.

Tivo seems to have put too little horse power in the box. Our series two frequently hangs for 10-20 seconds before responding to the remote control. The Media Center is always snappy and responsive.

Granted, the PC costs a 1000 bucks but it's a much better solution. I reckon we'll ditch our Tivos and buy XBox 360s to replace them. I'll add a second tuner card in the PC also. Course, I'll need to wire my house with Gb ethernet for this to work properly. Media Center records TV at around a GB per hour and 54mb wireless isn't fast enough in our house. I have a Cisco SRX200 router and card. One has to be wired or it doesn't work. Also, copying an hour over a gb wired network takes 7 minutes rather than just under an hour with wireless. If I'm loading up my laptop with vids prior to a trip thats a clinching feature.

Now if only iTunes worked with ANY and I mean ANY other software...

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