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February 13, 2006

Broadband in Ireland revisited

I've just spent a couple of days at home and was desperate to get my mum on broadband. Eircom are still overcharging with silly limits.

We found another provider called http://www.imagine.ie who basically take over the phone number, have a lower rental charge, guaranteed 10% off eircom prices and ADSL. We ended up with the following package:

  • Unlimited national + line rentral 38euro
  • ADSL Broadband (12GB download limit) 19 euro

Switching to them should save my mum money and give her broadband for free when compared with the eircom. She's switching over in about 3 weeks according to imagine so we'll see then.

The only odd stuff about imagine is they bill every 2 months which is kind of odd and they have a nasty cancellation policy. It's basically 3 months penalty, so for my mum, thats (38+19 )x3 or 180 euro more or less.

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