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December 27, 2005

Upgraded my Linksys wireless router

I'd bought a Linksys Wireless B router when I moved to the US. It's a BEFW11S4, very old, V1. Recently, we've been having trouble in the house. I'm running bittorrent and it would cripple internet access in the house until I paused it. The router kept crashing also which was strange but cycling the router power always fixed the problem.

So, I bought a new linksys router yesterday at Best Buy. It's the wireless SRX200 model, the WRT54GX2. This has made a big improvement already. The internet access in the house works fine even while bittorrent is running, download speeds are about the same but the signal is stronger all over the house. So, for 90 bucks, it's a deal.

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