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October 31, 2005

Return to Grand Cayman

I've been visiting Grand Cayman for several years now on vacation. We are just wrapping up our first visit in 4 years.

The island took a beating by Ivan. Still lots of damage to houses, the forests around the island. Crime seems to be a problem on the island now, the news papers had a few stories about spiraling crime etc. Be a shame to see the island going that way. They just hired a chief police officier from Liverpool in the UK so with any luck, he should be able to sort things out.

We stayed in the Marriott Courtside and at Morritts in East End. The Marriott is a nice hotel, like a normal business hotel in the states. Morritts is a timeshare place.

Morritts status

It just opened our poolside units at the beginning of September after Ivan. The Tortuga units on the ocean are still closed, many still showing wind damage. Davids restaurant and the dock are gone. The patio has disappeared as has the dock.

The 3 pools are open and are fine. I noticed security guarads on the property now, I don't remember them from before.

I wish they would have a small grocery store, the store now seems to be a spa. The Reefs next door (which looks completely working) has one but it's still missing many essentials. The Reefs also has WIFI internet which Morritts should have also but doesn't.

The unit we stayed in (3309) was ok at first glance but it's starting to get shabby on closer inspection. The master shower had no hot water, the kids one did though. The kids shower fittings were loose and in danger of coming off. The units in the kitchen look like the doors are covered in glue. The toaster didn't work very well. So, they are slipping from a quality point of view. We're returning in March so I'm hoping to see progress otherwise, it's complaint time.

Car rental

We rented a H1 minivan from Economy Car Rentals. 900 bucks for 10 days with insurance. They are a little sloppy also, the tires were badly underinflated on it and the front right was at half pressure when we checked it, the guy at the airport pickup said it was fine. Again, sloppy.

Food prices

The most expensive thing about staying is dining. Breakfast will cost around 40 dollars for a family of 4, lunch around 60, and dinner between 50 and 120 dollars. A major advantage of Morritts is you can eat in. We paid 300 US for groceries (Fosters on SMB is best) for 10 days and thats a bargain to the cost of eating out. We still ate out every day, lunch usually and breakfast on the days we're in the Marriott. But, being at Morrits, we limited dining costs for say 55 bucks for lunch tops and groceries for breakfast and dinner so that helps with eating expenses.

Turtle Farm

The girls loved this. It's moved to the other side of the road now but it's a much nicer building. Cheap too, 25 cayman for all of us.

Marriott Courtside on SMB

Nice hotel, breakfast is a good deal, 11 Cayman for adult buffet, 6 for kids. The main dissapointment with the place was the food by the beach. I had a fish and chips and it was pretty bad. I'd had similar dishes at Rumpoint and it was a lot better. My wifes Mahi Mahi sandwich was similar, a pale comparison to Rum point. Nice hotel besides.


Yep, it's open and as good as ever. We spent all our days at Morritts at Rumpoint. The beach is awesome and the water is shallow for the girls. Food is good also. I walked down the beach until the Kaibo and it's just beautiful there. Snorkelling is good there, especially under the dock. Sting rays, barracuda, various tropical fish.

Pirates Week

It's cancelled as it rained at the wrong times.

Smiths Cove

Smiths cove was the buzz of the other guests. Better than Rumpoint they said. Well, they've obviously never been to rum point. Not even close. Smiths Cove is just south of Georgetown in front of a very impressive house. I wouldn't bother.


Excellent holiday and looking forward to returning in March.

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