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September 11, 2005

Moles in the garden

We've gotten infested with moles in our back yard. They are burrowing everywhere. I think we're finally winning though.

The first thing we used were those solar powered noise makers and they seemed to work ok. The tunnels around those (within 5 ft) seem to become unused but I can't put them every 10 feet all over the garden, it's not practical.

We got traps in the end from one of my friends. These traps are nasty looking and I don't like using them but I don't like whats happening to the garden either. The traps are basically a fork with 3 spikes on a spring loaded vertically plunging plate. You press down on a tunnel, insert the fork. Pull the spring up with the plate and spikes, load the trap door and then wait. We got one today for the first time. It's small. Pretty sad really looking at it, but if this is what it takes then there you go.

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