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September 12, 2005

MacOS for Intel might finally break the Windows stranglehold

I've tried Linux at home for our family desktop and it's been a miserable failure. I tried it on my Laptop and same result. I'm sure people can perservere but the bottom line is Windows just works. This experience led me to believe that Linux wouldn't make it in homes.

But, and I know it's not Linux, when Apple release MacOS for Intel hardware and if they license it so that it'll work on more than just their hardware (read, their hardware is too expensive) then a Unix operating system in the home might just stand a chance. The Mac stuff is just soo easy to use. I mean, stuff just works. Cameras, video, webcams, scanners, you name it. It just works. Windows isn't as good. Just try syncing your bluetooth phone with Lotus notes etc and it's bloddy hard. On a Mac, it probably just works, no software required.

So, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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That won't be true if they release MacOS for Intel without hardware restrictions. The reason MacOS "just works" with hardware is that you have such a ridiculously narrow range of hardware options in the first place, compared to the open platform Windows has to deal with. With less than three percent of the market, AND Apple being subtly unfriendly to third party hardware developers who could in any way be considered competition, MacOS simply doesn't have to deal with as many variations in what it supports.

But don't worry, Apple has always been the most monopolistic computer maker out there; they won't release MacOS for Intel to simply run on any clone you buy; it'll be for only approved machines or something. Probably you'll need an intel box pre-made with their toolbox ROMs, at the very least.

So the illusion of the OS somehow working better with hardware will end up being at least partially maintained, because at least the initial machine will remain limited...and, of course, overpriced.

Posted by: Kaz | Jan 10, 2006 10:26:04 AM

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