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February 28, 2005

Tivo2GO performance tuning

Starting playing with tivo2 go this weekend. I have two series 2 tivos in my house. Both are hooked up with Linksys wifi b with a linksys router. I have Tivo Desktop on my PC which is also hooked up with wifi b. So, everything is wireless.

I tried using transferring programs from one tivo to the other but wasn't happy. It couldn't transfer the program fast enough to watch as it did it.

I then tried copying to my PC then but it was slow. I then hooked my PC directly to my linksys router with a wire but it was still taking 50 mins. Thats Tivo -> Wifib -> Router -> 100Mbit -> PC.

So, I bought a Linksys USB 10/100 router and wired that instead of wifi b between the tivo and the router.

Much better. I can now watch programs from that tivo upstairs immediately. PC transfer times also dropped to around 23 minutes from 50 mins.

When my PC is wireless, transfers are around 30 mins.

So, I'd recommend this setup. One tivo wired to hub, one tivo wifib, one PC wifib.

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