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December 26, 2003

Winter and Porsches

I finally bought a set of 993 look alike rims with Blizzak LM30 tires (205/50H17 255/40H17). They seem to offer the best winter traction although they are only H rated rather than Z rated, but I figure, I don't do 130+ mph in the winter... I got them from tirerack for 1590 with 2 day shipping. They are the Mille Mignia 1 wheels. I didn't get caps for them because I refuse to pay 150 bucks for 4 discs of plastic. I could move the caps from my 18 turbo wheels but decided not too. They don't look so bad anyway.

They are working very well, there is plenty of grip on dry and they work very well on snow and ice. Some say there is a huge difference between winters and summers in terms of dry grip but because of the insane grip offered by a 911C4, if you're anywhere close to discovering this, you better be on a track because you ARE breaking the law :)

I'll switch them back to my Pirellis on 18s in the summer once the temps get above 40F.

Washing is pretty easy, the 17" rims are better for machine washing than the 18's, a little higher side wall, still dangerously low. But, the blizzaks seem to have a rim saver ridge which helps keep the rims out of trouble. I started washing the car once a week now at my local garage just to keep the muck off it and I'm pretty comfortable doing it. You can't exactly hand wash the car in the drive way when it's -10C outside. If you're driving the car everyday then you gotta use an automatic wash.

Ground clearance is the biggest problem with the 911 in winter, more than 4-5 inches and you could get in to trouble pretty easily.

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